INGSOFTWARE is a software development company based in Nis, Serbia. Our team is made up of the most talented software engineers and designers who happen to be excellent teammates with a tendency to make your working environment casual and stress-free. We have a cheerful office in Niš where we develop some pretty useful skills, drink a lot of coffee, play table tennis, throw memorable Wednesdays and create awesome software solutions along the way. 

Visit our website - - and find out how you can become a member of our team!

Trenutno nema slika kancelarija.

Gde se održava praksa?

Praksa se održava u kancelarijama firme INGSOFTWARE koje se nalaze u Nišu.

Koje je radno vreme?

Radno vreme firme je od 9h do 17h, ali smo fleksibilni i otvoreni za drugačiji dogovor sa praktikantima.